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C-Level input:


Strategic input for driving revenue and profit


Financials, KPIs, dashboards, and metrics


Advisory board input on meeting established goals

C-Level Business Advisors

Every business owner says s/he wants to grow. But actually growing takes discipline, an investment back in the business, and execution. It requires far more than just talk; it requires action. If you’re ready to critically look at these six pillars, then it’s time to start the journey: 

Strategic Planning, Operations, Financial Reporting, Marketing/Sales, Human Resources, and Succession Planning.

strategic planning

The First 12-18 Months

The first 12-18 months include:
1. Developing your goals for the next 1, 3, 5 years
2. Implementing key performance indicators and dashboards
3. Systemizing monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial reporting
4. Creating a focused marketing plan for new clients/customer acquisition
5. Managing human capital to maximize efficiency and morale;
6. Identifying your short or long-term exit strategy (i.e., a sale)

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